Musician Shock Survey in Progress

Aug 10th, 2010 | By | Category: Musician Safety


We’re running a survey this month on ProSoundWeb in order to find out just how many musicians have been shocked  by their guitars or microphones while playing on stage. We’re also interested to know if you’ve had to cut off a ground blade on a power cord to stop a hum or buzz in your sound system or stage amps.

It’s our suspicion that the majority of musicians and sound technicians have been shocked at one time or another by improperly grounded gear. We also think that this is a  under reported problem since all musicians consider getting shocked  just a part of playing on stage. However, all electric shocks, no matter how mild, are an indication of improper hookups and/or bad power distribution, and are potentially deadly if the right set of conditions come into play. Right now the survey is showing that 2/3 of all musicians have been shocked by a guitar or mic and 1/3 of all sound techs have been shocked while hooking up or operating a sound system.

Please help us find out how big a problem really this really is by responding to this 10-second, 3 question survey at:

To see the online results of this survey go to:

Your answers will help determine how many No~Shock~Zone clinics we do this season, so please forward this survey to every musician and sound technician you know.

Thanks for your help…. Mike Sokol

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